Quality management, environmental management and security management work policy


ČEZ Energetické produkty s.r.o. team hereby commit ourselves that our actions will lead to a full satisfaction of our clients as well as all parties involved, conforming to all valid legislation and norms involving work security, quality and environment.

It is only quality products and flawless services that are acceptable for us. In order to achieve those goals, we will be using mutually advantageous supply services, we will be improving processes stressing the decrease of negative impacts on the environment and we will always work in accordance with the principle of constant development.

To witness this the top management establishes the following principles:

  • Permanently develop all company resources to reach its dominant position in the market.
  • To develop training and education of its employees so that they could become experts in their field and identify with the goals and intentions of the company.
  • To introduce and maintain system of quality, environment and work security as part of company culture and strategy as well as individuals.
  • Permanently improve services, communication and company management system.
  • To implement preventive approach by activities that have impact on the environment.
  • To use environmentally friendly material.
  • To pay continuous attention to the creation of conditions for the improvement of ergonomics of work environment and overall satisfaction of all employees.
  • To implement work safety regulations and environmental protection already when designing new technologies and all related activities, processes and work environments, to be constantly improving preventive precautions in the particular operating conditions.
  • To permanently improve conditions of the environment in the society by using resources, separating waste and with the means of EMS programs.
  • To conform to all requirements of the legislation relevant to work safety, quality and environment.

Every employee is responsible to keep the rules of work safety and health protection in his/her work place in order not to do any harm to him/her or his/her colleagues.