Warranty Claim Guidelines

These warranty claim guidelines are valid from 1st June 2008 and are implemented to deal with complaints submitted by the buyer as a direct customer of ČEZ Energetické produkty s.r.o.  

Refusal of acceptance of goods

  • Buyer is obliged to check the goods immediately during its consumption so that possible apparent malfunctions could be found and claimed immediately at the place of consumption.
  • When detecting obvious malfunctions, the Buyer has the right for an immediate refund at he place of consumption and in such cases has the right to refuse acceptance of such goods.
  • When refusing the consumption of goods, a person representing the Buyer will contact an authorized representative of the Seller he or she will resolve the complaint with.
  • In case of refusal of consumption of goods, those representing the Buyer and the Seller will sign a protocol about the claim (see below) in which the reasons for the refusal of consumption by the Buyer will be specified. The claim protocol has to be signed by the representatives of the Buyer and the Seller. The claim is not valid without the above mentioned terms.

Warranty claim when not meeting quality standards

  • In instances of latter claims of goods the Buyer has to properly describe the malfunction based on which he or she claims refund for the delivered goods. In cases of claims resulting from not keeping quality standards of the goods specified in the contract terms between the Seller and the Buyer, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to deliver the results of laboratory analysis which the claim is based on.
  • The Buyer has to accurately state the ways of withdrawing of laboratory samples including the laboratory method used during the analysis as well as the laboratory which elaborated such analysis. The Buyer is obliged to keep the laboratory sample which the claim is based on in the Seller’s laboratory for possible analysis.
  • Withdrawing of samples of claimed goods should be done while the representative of the Seller is present. Consumption of samples can also be done the Buyer only when having the Seller’s approval first. In such case, however, the consumption of such claimed sample has to be done in accordance with valid ČSN , alternatively in a way that has been agreed between both the Buyer and the Seller.
  • In case the agreed procedures of withdrawing samples of claimed goods are not followed, the claim of those goods will be considered as unjustified.
  • The Seller is obliged to preserve laboratory samples for the period of 30 days.
  • According to the agreement between the Buyer and the Seller the sample of claimed goods will be analyzed in the Seller’s laboratory or will be send to be analyzed in mutually agreed laboratory. In case the analysis is done in the Seller’s laboratory, the Buyer has the right to be present throughout the analysis of the claimed sample.

Claim announcement

  • Claim has to be announced either via phone or in electronic or written form.
  • In the case of claim via phone it is necessary to announce the claim at the telephone number of particular place of consumption listed at the end of the Warranty claim guidelines.
  • In the case of claim via e-mail the claim protocol has to be send via e-mail of particular sales point, see the list below.
  • It is also possible to announce the claim in electronic form by sending a claim protocol to an e-mail address of particular sales point , see the list below or via letter to the company address: ČEZ Energetické produkty, s.r.o., Komenského 534, 25301 Hostivice

At the beginning of claim procedure the following data has to be stated in the claim protocol:

  • Kind and amount of goods claimed
  • Place and date of consumption of goods claimed
  • Exact identification of the Buyer together with contact information (telephone, e-mail)
  • Exact specification of malfunction of the goods

Claim procedure costs

  • In case of unjustified claim (e.g. when laboratory analysis of samples of claimed goods prove the quality standards of delivered goods resemble the standards specified in the contract conditions  between the Buyer and the Seller) then the Seller is obliged to the claim procedure costs.
  • In case of claim approval, the seller is obliged to cover any costs related to the warranty claim process.

Other regulations

  • The Seller reserves the right to change warranty claim gidelines without prior notice.