Stabilized mixture

Stabilized mixture is a wet limestone mixture with calcic binder produced in a standard central mixing equipment. Stabilized mixture is produced by modification of input material such as by-products of combustion of coal and desulphurization of flue gases.


Stabilized mixture is produced by modification of input material such as by-products of combustion of coal and desulphurization of flue gases (fly-ash, slag, fluid ash, alternatively power plant gypsum or products of semi-dry method of desulphurization), consisting in a perfect mixture and precisely dosed amount of batch water (wopt. according to the test Proctor Standard). The facility is equipped with capacitance cartridge of powder substratum, scaled dozing and sufficient performance of water utilization. 

In order to achieve the required characteristics of stabilized mixture it is important to mix input material with lime followed by moistening with batch water it the first stage of its production. This leads to exothermic reaction and within a few minutes hydrating processes are initiated. There are chemical pozzolanic reaction occur in alkaline environment similar to the process of cement maturing and with active presence of free CaO emerges material with bonding quality. After maturing the stabilized mixture is very different from the original unmodified input material with its technological properties similar to plain concrete. Specially produced types of stabilized mixtures with higher content of lime can be defined as impenetrable material (coefficient of transmissibility is in the range from n.10-8  to n.10-9 m/s), with high firmness in simple compression of 5 – 10 MPa, frost and water resistant.

Due to controlled dozing of input material and perfect mixing with optimum amount of batch water it is possible to produce stabilized mixtures of various properties in mixing centres according to the requirements of the clients. In case of client’s interest it is possible to deliver the stabilized mixture in the form of slurry cement mixtures.

Stabilized mixture meets the requirements of environmental protection (max. allowed values of chemical elements in liquor) set in technical conditions „Proposal and realization of land constructions using fly-ashes and ashes“ TP93, issued MDS 3rd April 2003 and regulation requirements No. 307/2002 Sb., about radiation protection according to No. 499/2005 Sb. Stabilized mixture conforms to the requirements of the results of eco-toxicological tests set by a regulation No. 294/2005 Sb., and therefore it is possible to consider it as a harmless product from the sanitary point of view conforming to bill No. 102/2001 Sb., about general safety of construction products within valid legislation in force.




Stabilized mixture is stored in dry state to a silo.

Loading points in wet state:
Consumption point to autosilos – EPC, ELE, EME